Bottom Sheet Dialog

In the latest round of designs for our rewrite, I have been tasked to add a bottom sheet dialog rather than a regular dialog. With the new support for Bottom Sheets in the Design library, it was really easy to do.

In the activity (eg. triggered by a button onclick):

  MyBottomSheetDialogFragment myBottomSheetDialogFragment = new MyBottomSheetDialogFragment();, myBottomSheetDialogFragment.getTag());

And the dialog class itself:

  public class MyBottomSheetDialogFragment extends BottomSheetDialogFragment {
      public void setupDialog(final Dialog dialog, int style) {
          super.setupDialog(dialog, style);
          View contentView = View.inflate(getContext(), R.layout.fragment_my_bottom_sheet, null);

I won’t bore you with the layout xml, but just a basic 4 row LinearLayout with an icon and text in each row. Here is the result:

Bottom sheet dialog

You get a lot of dialog niceties out of the box, clicking off the sheet and scrolling the sheet down dismiss it, and you get the shaded background to highlight it as a dialog. Also remember to follow the guidelines here in regards to scrolling behaviour, grid and line spacing etc.